Component 480p Image Formatting Issue *STRETCHED IMAGES*

Hi everyone. I’m running my HDTV Live through Component to my Sony HiScan 1080i KP-53HS30 4:3 ratio Rear Projection HDTV ready TV.


In Component 1080i mode, all the graphical icons look correct, and the round ‘settings’ icon is perfectly circular, as below (i had to fake the below image in pshop):



However when I switch to Component 480p mode so that the image fills my entire 3:4 ratio projection TV, the WDTV Live graphical icons are immediately skewed so that the round ‘settings’ icon is stretched vertically, as below:


What SHOULD be happening is the WDTV Live unit should auto adjust the image settings so that nothing is skewed and the above ‘settings’ icon should be displayed as a round cog and not a stretched cog.


All 4:3 ratio programs or movies are also skewed in this 480p mode, as seen in the below image borrowed from a person with the same issue.    As below, the movie image is stretched vertically and horizontally beyond the edge of the screen so that the areas marked in red are not seen as if the WDTV Live is cropping or stretching the image larger than the TV when in 480p mode. However the image is stretched vertically longer than it is horizontally.


(above image borrowed from another persion here who is having the same issue)

Please note that the problem is with the 4:3 display output, not the 1080i 16:9 display output.

The TV is naturally in a 4:3 ratio, as seen above by the size of the TV. In 480p 4:3 ratio, there should be no overscanning or whatever is happening here, as I don’t have this issue with any other inputs like satellite TV, DVD, etc. There are no options on the TV other than ‘normal mode’ and ‘widescreen mode’.

This appears to be a serious issue that has been affecting dozens upon dozens of people who purchased this unit, however I’ve noticed that each person who brings this issue up receives responses to the affect of:

  • It must be your TV’s settings
  • It’s an issue with your TV and has nothing to do with the WDTV Live
  • Don’t bother bringing this up in this forum because the onus isn’t on WD to fix something not broken
  • Please post your ‘IDEA’ in the ‘IDEAS SECTION’
  • Don’t post here about it as the WD developers don’t care about issues like this, you need to make a friendly post

Seriously, to me and many others on this forum this is a SERIOUS FUNDAMENTAL FLAW of this equipment.  If the original WDTV unit didn’t have the problem, and this one does (as well other electronic equipment easily makes this adjustment), then the problem is with the WDTV Live that I purchased.

If 99% of all other electronic equipment makes this sort of aspect ratio adjustment automatically, it then becomes an expectation that all newer equipment (such as the WDTV Live) should also make this adjustment.  I shouldn’t have to purchase something that effectively doesn’t work.

Finally, this is not an IDEA that WD can review for future implementation.  It is the equivalent of all movies being played with the image UPSIDE-DOWN.  If that happened to everyone out there, would you all reply to the issue thread posts about it with a 'Nice idea for future implementation.  Please post in the Ideas forum and maybe they’ll make the image right-side up? 

Seriously… dozens of us purchasers need this fixed as it is just a brick right now.

Thank you.


Welcome to the forums.

This is simply a user-to-user community forum – we don’t have the ability to do anything about your problem (which, quite frankly, IS your problem and not the Live’s problem).  But if you want to suggest it as an idea to the WD folks, use the Ideas section (link above) and they may consider it.

Yeah, WD’s aware (and has made comments) that the Overscan issue is a known one.  An attempt was made in the 1.2.21 firmware to address this, but others have commented it didn’t fix it entirely for them.

Release notes say:  Resolved video playback overscan issue for CRT TVs.

Incidentally, I occasionally notice overscan issues on my 16:9 LCD via component.   I’ve not tried on HDMI connection, though…

Are you using 1.2.21 firmware?