Completely fedup slow Time machine backups OSX

hi all,

i have had issues with 2TB MBL since new regarding slow TM backups, my speeds avg 177kb to 1.8mb…

my MBL is connected directly to my Time capsule which acts as a bridegr from my adsl router.

my router speeds are 4mb d/s 769kb u/s.

both my routers wireless is disabled, so i only access wireless through the time capsule which is setup up (N) wireless. i have no problems accessing internet through any of my devices and get good speeds.

my MBL is mapped to my retina MBP so automatically mounts on bootup( only public share not TM)

to do an avg of 2GB file backup takes over 10 hrs… 

the MBL is on firmware 02.32.05-046 latest FW

the ip’s are automatically assigned, not static ip is used. modem/TC are all gigabit connections.

any suggestions greatly appreciated as i cannot use it as a  reliable backup option

Hi, check the link below for some suggestions on how to improve the transfer rate. You can also try connecting the y book direct to the Mac and verify if you get the same transfer rate.


I bought the 2tb Mybooklive to supplement an appletime capsule so that I could use the new rotational backup features in mountain lion

Updated MBL to the latest firmware and the first 140gb backup worked fine - using the guest account recommended by WD.

Subsequent backups to the MBL have been a nightmare and I have abandoned them as they were taking too long.

After reading this thread I created a new account on the MBL with access rights to the timemachine backup share.

I removed the MBL from time time machine and created a new backup connection but this time using the MBL named account

Time machine now works really well, rotates between the two backup devices and is relatively speedy via wifi.

The conclusion I reached, as have others on this thread, is that despite having the latest firmware there is an inherrent problem when using the default Guest account on the MBL.

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