Complete restore of My Cloud to exact factory settings possible?

Hi guys, I just got my 4TB My Cloud today and I’m very much looking forward to making use of it.

I was planning on buying a Raspberry Pi in the coming days to manage my Usenet downloading 24/7, but I’ve only just discovered that such a thing seems possible directly on the My Cloud itself. I was also planning on setting up a home VPN server as well, for encrypting my mobile browsing.

Now, I am aware that doing anything like this will void the warranty, but I just wanted to find out for sure that there is some way of doing a complete reset of the firmware and/or internal OS if I happen to mess anything up. Obviously I’d hate to ruin the thing completely. What I mean is, basically removing any changes I happen to make and returning the device to a state exactly as it arrived at my door.

But out of interest while I’m here, does anyone know whether the Raspberry Pi would be much faster at doing this kind of thing anyway? I know the RPi is very limited in its capabilities, but I have no idea what the My Cloud is capable of, or which device is better suited for the job…


With Rasperberry it is easier to do general programming because it has a ‘standard’ Linux kernel and sufficient RAM.