Complete Drive Test Failed for My Passport Ultra 1 TB external hard drive

Hi All

What is my next course of action for a Complete Drive Test Failed in the diagnostics of WD Drive Utilities for My Passport Ultra, Please?

Only had this product for a couple of weeks before i think it decided to stop automatic back up, i don’t know why?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Any lost data is likely unrecoverable at this point and unless it is really, precious data it’s not worth sending it for a data recovery service who charge hundreds of dollars. If it is only 2 weeks since purchase and you are in US, you can take it back to the store for a refund or replacement. If it’s been over a month, call WD and get an RMA for a replacement.

Many Thanks, bought the product in UK over a month ago in Argos not sure if they will take it back for a replacement, will have to check, if not will have to do an RMA for replacement…Cheers

I would try testing with another program. Hammey posted about problems running DLG on a brand new drive and showing errors but Hard Disk Sentinel showed it as OK.


WD accepts RMA requests if a drive fails the WD Drive Utilities diagostics test…so even if another tool might show it as okay, I wouldn’t risk it. Since it’s a fairly new drive and probably hasn’t been filled with much data, better to replace it now than to find it failing in a few months and losing data. Sometimes, though very rarely, a brand new or fairly new drive does fail - I saw on another forum for Tivo where someone bought a brand new drive for his Tivo DVR and ran the WD Drive Utilities diagnostics and it failed right out of the box. He was glad he ran the lengthy full disk test. Always a good idea to do so on brand new drives…once in a rare while you do get a faulty disk. And the best time to catch it is in the beginning.