Complete Confusion

I have a WD Passport Ultra and I see that many people seem to have the same problem—my laptop can no longer access my stored files. My passport shows up in my device manager but not in the My Computer file/icon, I have 4 USB ports and none will work.The green check mark is in my toolbar and the light on the Passport it lit but not blinking. I have seen and tried many of the possible remedies on this board, but nothing works. The Passport worked fine one moment then nothing. Is there a flaw in the manufactoring? If not, why are there so many similar problems but without one actual means to solve it? I do not want to spend a lot of $$$ for recovery. I tried at least 6 free downloads just to see if the product will work but no luck. Why doesn’t WD have a solution? Do the recommended recovery services even work? I’m more confused now and very disappointed. Thanks.Tom

What OS are you using and does the drive show in Disk Management and have a letter assigned?


no. nothing to identify drive. it just says it’s connected, but doesn’t say where.