Complaint_Very Poor service by WD_Will not promote WD anymore


We are at receiveing end of very very poor quality service by WD as of now…really can’t understand how the entire process is goofed up in regards to HDD replacement cases…certainly the way of handling such cases are below par of expected out of brand like ‘WD’.


We wanted to replace the 2 non-funtional HDDS since last two months…When We contacted customer care around first week of January to register the complaint , we’ve been confirmed about HDD pickup will happen in 48 Hrs…however it took entire 1 month but no-one turned up. Only after repeated enquiries we’ve been told about there was some problem regarding courier service pickup at WD end and asked to forward HDDs to Vikroli based ‘Aashapura Services’.  We did the same in mid February which in turn sent those HDDS to your center at Delhi (Courier co has confirmed on this details). RMA No # [Deleted]… However when we tracked this on online it shows case processed with month delay and replacement were sent to our office address on 03 Matrch. Now today 18th March (15 days post HDDS dispatched !!) and we still have not received the consignement. Tried to search the consignement details thru various channels on email and phone but nothing is working out and unable to contact anyone who can provide the confirm answer to this.

Have three numbers with me for cuustomer care (18002005789, 01126384700,1800119393) which are listed on website however when we choose the appopriate option and wait for assistance…voice message to wait continues for long time…many times patiently waited for more than half hour…but no one attends the call and it gets disconnected. I am not able to speak with anyone from WD end since last 15 days…

One more important thing…I have some one Mr. Anup [Deleted] and Mayank [Deleted] which nos i received

from courier and other channels… I’ve been in touch with Mr. Anup since January…who first confirmed me to wait for pickup then after delay asked to forward these to Vikroli courier company…afterthat he never responded to my call or SMS… Not sure where my case stands now…

All I need the whereabouts of my two HDDS not sure when I will get it or to whom should I contact for resolution.

RMA # [Deleted]

if anyone from WD gets this mail, pls chekc the deatils for the case and revert me on my mobile no.[Deleted] or mail me on [Deleted]

**** I’ve sold almost 100 HDDS over span of last year to end user customers, but taken aback by such a poor service by WD…hence decided not to promote WD products anymore…(no matter what outcome of this case).


Vijay Kadam

For RCT Computers ( A unhappy retailer).

I am having quality/warranty/service issues also. What follows is my reply to a message chain relating to a drive that all too quickly became unusable…

Number one. You sell me junk, then replace it, with only the remaining ORIGINAL warranty time left. Number two. You know the issues you have with your product based on customer complaints and warranty action history. Don’t attempt to bs me. I will not be buying wd products in the future.

wd has impressed me with neither product quality nor service response.

RCTComputers,  I have escalated your case to our Warranty department, Please check  your PM for further information.

what is the timeframe it will take to resolve the issue…? can i get the courier tracking details so as it can be traced from my end.

Once support contacts you, you will get all that information from them.