Compiling Media Library

Hi Folks,

I have recently purchased a new WDTV Live Gen 3 Media server. When initially i connected my 3TB External USB Drive which contains movies, it was working flawlessly. However today when i connected my HDD, it took around 5 mins for the drive to be detected and is taking forever for compiling the media library. In between the compile, it hangs many a time although the white light keeps blinking. Also a couple of times, i got the message stating the local drive has been disconnected. 

I have added around 60 GB of new files to the HDD as my macbook needed a restore. Besides that I have also updated the firmware to 1.5 for WDTV . Any suggestions on how to quicken things up so i can resume watching the movies on my TV. 

Lastly, i noticed if i try to watch tv whilst the compiling is going on and switch back to the HDMI connected to WDTV, i notice ‘No signal error’ stating the WDTV is switched off , even though i can see the white light blinking constatnly. How to get out of this mode??? 



You might have a corrupted media library, connect the drive a computer and delete the WD TV folder that is located in the external drive.