Compiling Media Library

What the f**** is the use of this?

Almost every time I turn power on I get to see this. And then ik keeps on showing until I power down and up. 

But (in the few moments it will turn on withoug " … compiling   "  the biggest thing is that I absolutely do not see what has happened. I see totally nothing new.

Uhm, did you read the manual?   It’s all explained there on page 29…

Media Library Compilation

Media Library Compilation refers to the process of scanning and consolidating the

media contents of the media center, network attached storage, or an attached USB

device into one comprehensive database so that you can easily browse and locate

media files based on certain metadata information (e.g., video files are categorized

based on title or release date).

But it has now run hours and hours and hours. On the manual of course I have read that but I find nowhere that it is normal to run xx hours.

Besides, in seldom cases I can start it without getting the compiling message but most of the time it then appears when I select videos. I have given the WD access to about 100 files. Of which 20 on the WD itself and 80 on my NAS. Network is not a bottleneck.

It is NOT normal for it to run for HOURS when you only have 80 files.  80 files should take less than a minute.

I have about 3600 video files on my NAS and it takes only a few minutes to compile.

It would appear the media compiler is crashing due to something about one of your files.

Try moving them out of the shared folder, then adding them in small batches until you determine which file it has a problem with.