Compiling Media Library taking hours - and still hasnt finished

Hi there,

Ive got my WDTV SMP connected (wired) to a Netgear STora NAS box.

I can see all the files on there  via the Files view, and play them without issue. But when I add the share to the media library it takes literally hours to compile. Ive left it for over 8 hours so far and still it hasnt completed.

If I look in the root of my share I can see a .wd_tv directory with a wdtv.cas file inside, but teh modifcation time was only a few minutes after the scan started - and it doesnt appear to have been updated since.

So the WDTV can see and read the files. It can write files, but the scan doesnt complete in a timely manner.

Share size is approx 5300 files, making up 1.3Tb.

Ive tried doing a factory reset and starting over, but no joy. I dont know if its related, but im also unable to tick the ‘remember me’ box when putting in my credentials.

Why don’t you try to delete the wd_tv folder and re-scan again.