Compiling media library not working at all


I just got a wd tv live streaming box and I am having a problem generating my media library from a usb hd locally connected to the box.

When i connect the USB hd to the box, after a while, starts “Compiling the Media library”. However, it never finishes the job. I tried leaving it over night but when I woke up the same the box had froze and i had to unplug the box manually…
The HD has around 80 Gb of music, which is very standard these days. No problems in any other music player.s…

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?


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check this thread

this has been discussed a couple of times by different users


sorry, I actually forgot to update this thread…

my local hdd had plenty of other non-media files, which is what was driving the HD box crazy…

I only kept the media files and everything was compiled properly…

I with there was a way to tell the box, to only compile files from a specific folder of your HDD. Thus, ingnoring non media files

Yes that would be nice if you could specify the media type to scan for

I have a compile problem that it never finishes and then I think it finally has and just says no media in selected folder?

I have all my movie in seperate folders to keep things neat and meta data from Ember Media Manager and starting to wonder if that is causing my compile problems.