"compiling media library" for two days

Hello all.  I am new to the WD line of products (previous Popcorn Hour user) but so far am very impressed.   My one concern is that is that my WD TV Live Hub seems to be stuck compiling the media library.  I first loaded about 20-30 mkv files to the internal hard drive and it compiled the library in less than a minute.  Once I was set on keeping the device, I loaded all of my movies, pictures and music (about 18,000 files in total).  Since that time it has been compiling the media library non-stop.  Is this normal for this many files?  Am I asking too much for it to handle so many files?  Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

No, that shouldn’t be an issue.   I have 21,000 files or so on my Hub right now, and it takes less than 10 minutes.

It’s probably choking on a specific file.

You may need to erase all the files, then add them back in small batches, and see if the problem repeats.   If and when it does, you should keep track of which batch caused the issue, and then narrow down further until you find the file(s).

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