Compatible controllers to move data from array?

I have had to do an RMA on this unit due to the fan failure, and unfortunately I will have to send the entire system back…

but of course, there is a lot of data to move and it would be a lot faster if I could remove the drives and put them into say, and external array, or even throw a system together with a compatible controller to do the transfer to another block of storage.

Are there any compatible raid controllers that you can recommend for this and/or what exactly “is” the raid controller in this thing (chipset would be helpful).


I dunno, all the enclosures run nix?  It is intel desktop raid no clue on the chip set version.   Been so long ago I think I instaled Raid tools of some sort and it broke it.  What I installed had newer dll’s

At times there are empty DX on eBay but I don’t see much today.

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alright, hey thanks gramps!