Compatibility with specific streaming video URL

Hi folks,

Please excuse my ignorance re functionality of the WD Live box. I am in the market for a networked media player, however before purchasing a WD Live box, I wanted to confirm if it can play the streaming video from the following URL link:

I would be grateful if a WD Live owner could possibly try it out for me, to see if it will play?

Many thanks in advance

Nop, the WD TV Live can only stream video from the preset sites. You cannot add new ones.

Well, maybe or maybe not.

If you’re shopping NOW, you’re probably looking at the new WDTV Live Streaming Media Player (2011) as opposed to the WDTV Live HD (2009 model).

The forum you posted in is for the older model.

The WDTV Live SMP can allow certain RSS-based “feeds,” but the URL you provided above is not RSS.   It’s a raw feed.