Compatibility With Sonos

I see that SMB on a Mac is supported, however my experience with Sonos speakers software is, let’s say, not been the best. Has anyone ran a Sonos speaker setup using the WD My Cloud yet? Does anyone forsee any problems?



Please note that This is a new product and we haven’t test the unit with all the devices in the market. However, I sure that as soon as one of the user in the forum test that, they will let us know.

Well, that just may be me with the first test as I ordered the WD My Cloud about an hour ago. 

Everything I can find to read so far about the two products says I should not encounter any major issues, we’ll see.


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Hi dsmonline

I have just brought 3TB MyCloud device back from Curry’s who seem to be the only people that stock it. I did not check to see whether it would work with the Sonos Connect before I brought it and now it is sitting in its packaging.

Having read up on it now Sonos recommend that an Ethernet connection is used between the NAS and Sonos Connect. The MyCloud has only one Ethernet connection and a USB expansion slot. The Ethernet connection being needed for the router.

I was wondering how you connected it all up and how well it is working?

I am sure that sonos does not mean directly between nas and sonos. The sonos goes to the router and the nas goes to the router, so they are in effect directly connected. This is assuming you have more than one port on your router.I also believe that some sonos have a 2 port switch so this can also be used.

Thanks for the response and that makes sense.

I’m looking forward to a weekend of putting it all together