Compatibility with old HP StorageWorks MSA2012FC G1

I have an old MSA2012FC, with 12x1TB barracuda 7200rpm sata 3G disks (ST31000340NS).
These old disks are to their end-of-life and I have to replace with new ones.
In other storage systems I successfully used RED and RED PRO and RE disks, without any problem, so I’d like to use these disks also in this one.
Does anybody know which product is surely compatible?
I should buy 12 of them, so I HAVE TO BE SURE !!!
And I’d like to get the maximum size possible.

Thanks for any useful information.

Hi, welcome to the community.

Unfortunately I don’t have that information, hopefully one of the more knowledgeable user would be able to answer. You may also try to contact the manufacturer and see if those drives are supported.