Compatibility with iPads

Can my mother-in-law, who does not have a computer/pc, but has an iPad, access photos, etc. with My Cloud?

Yes. You can either send her a link to the files or you can give her a User account (using the My Cloud Dashboard) and use the Mac mobile iOS app on her iPad to access the My Cloud. See the following two links for more information.

If you haven’t done so already you really should read through the My Cloud User Manual ( to learn about the My Cloud features and how to use them including how to access the My Cloud content remotely using mobile devices like the iPad.

He, and MIL, can access the My Cloud remotely using the iPad WD My Cloud app found at the Apple app store, and as you said, she needs an access account for the My Cloud.

Agree, OP needs to read the manual, since this is a My Cloud 101 question.

Thanks for the good information. Obviously my Mother-in-law, 82 years old,
needs to keep life simple. We just scanned in 10 trays of slides and want
to be able to share them with her so that she could show her friends on her
ipad. Thus, the question.

Do we need more? The My Mirror? Does it back up the My Cloud?


The My Cloud Mirror is a more elaborate form of My Cloud with a backup HD inside. Why don’t you check the Product tab at main WD site to find out about the different versions of My

For 10 trays of slides and similar files, why don’t you use some form of online storage (Google Drive etc)?
It’s a question, not a start of an argument.

Great question. We have 60 to 80k family, church, scouts, sports photos on
our hard drive. The quantity quietly grew over the years. Currently, we
attached a portable hard-drive to the back of our laptop via adhesive
velcro. We use it as an inexpensive way to backup our data on our laptop.
It is not fool-proof, I guess a hacker could hit our main computer and our
back-up drive with some ease. At some point we will need to upgrade the
space, however, we may be able to do this through My Cloud… and give
access to our mother-in-law who has very little storage on her ipad.

Folks, storage in Cloud services for photos are all over the place. Some are free or almost free. Wife has had a Flickr (Yahoo) account for years. All her photos are there. It costs her about 10 bucks a year. Mine and her recent iOS photos and videos are on my WD NAS (that also stores our music and video files). Google has storage for photos free/cheap. So does Amazon for prime members I think it is free. Look into these services and others before buying more hardware just for photos.