Compatibility with 1 click dvd pro software

Hi. I have a collection of movies on an external hard drive that I burned from movies I own  using 1 click dvd pro. I think they are vob files. I wanted to know if the wd tv play or live will play those files. Also I need to know if Netflix is supported on the WD tv in the Caribbean or if it for the US only. Thanks. 



  • According to the WD TV™ Media Player User’s Manual page #220 vob files are supported.

This media player does not support Netflix

  • According to the Use’s manual for the WD TV play it does not support vob files

This media player does not support Netflix

Check page #146 of the user’s manual

  • According to the User’s Manual page #211 for the WD TV Live Streaming it does support vob files.

This media player does support Netflix.