Compatibility of Windows 7 (64 bit) with My Book Premium Edition II

Has anyone any experience with running a  My Book Premium Edition II, Model WDG2T10000E, (1TB) in Raid 1 with Windows 7 (64 bit)? Windows 7 Compatibility Center  says  that the drive is compatible with Windows 7 but  I can’t find any upgrade for the software for Managing Raid that I loaded from a CD when I set the drive up to run with XP. Any advice please?

Here is the link to get the WD Drive Manager 2.115 which it will work on win7 64bit and Mac.

You can get it either Windows and Mac from the link above.

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Thanks for your help. Is there a serious risk of data loss if I install the download with out backing up - backing up 500gb presents me with quite a problem!! Thanks again.

Yes, you will loose all data if not  careful.

You may not know if something might corrupted or interfere or power outage, loosing cable.

Keep in mind: It is always safer to back up all important data before do any updates.

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