Compatibility Hardisk

Hi, I am using MyCloudEx2Ultra. One of the drives went faulty recently and I need to get a replacement disk. Both the faulty and good disks are of the model WD40EFRX. I couldn’t find reliable reseller who still sells internal disk WD Red WD40EFRX. Instead, I was told to another model WD Red Plus WD40EFZX is the newer version of WD40EFRX, and I should be able to use it as replacement. I checked the list of compatible drive but not able to see WD40EFZX listed.

Has anyone tried using WD40EFRX + WD40EFZX? Is WD40EFZX compatible with MyCloudHomeEx2Ultra?

Thanks for sharing!

I would retire the MyCloud and get a Synology NAS box instead

I like the 8 disk NAS which is more robust

I am considering a few options, with this as one of the options indeed. MyCloud interface is not that great - sometimes the files are not showing up on MyCloud app but they do exist when accessing the folder via file explorer as an example. Is Synology better from this aspect?

Synology seems to be less problematic that I have seen