Compatibility and RAID on WD Mycloud ex4

Hello i recently buy a WD mycloud 4T and i really appreciate WD Product.

I’m interesseting about Buying a WD mycloud EX4 but  i need to know 2 point.

Is my configuration compatible and is it possible to put into ex4 different vendor disk because I already have 4 disk at home.

  1. 2TB seagate
  2. 1TB unknow
  3. 2TB WD green
  4. 2TB WD green

Does the WD RAID 5 permit to have a configuration of 5TB for data and 2TB of parity

With standar RAID-5 calculator the configuration must do

  • 3 TB data
  • 996 GB parity
  • 3 TB unusable.

I fond SHS Raid that permit the configuration i want.

Thanks for you answers

Welcome to the Community.

While the unit is compatible with select WD, HGST, Toshiba, and Seagate hard drives, as a general rule for best practices related to RAID configurations all participant hard drives should be the exact same model and ideally (If possible) from the same production revision/batch. Otherwise the RAID configuration may be unstable and prone to corruption. This is specially true for hardware-based RAID arrays.

The following link contains a list of compatible hard drives:

The WD My Cloud EX4 RAID 5 mode will reserve 25% of the total space for parity. This is done automatically.