Compatable HDD list for WD TV Live SMP?

After purchasing a 3 TB drive and being burned when the WD TV Live SMP couldn’t recognize it, I’m wondering if WD or the communtiy has put together a list of known compatable drives?

The only thing I could find was this:

Problem is, that’s for a different WD TV product and the list is woefully outdated besides, with none of the model numbers matching up to the models being sold on Amazon as the most current products.

Failing that, I’d greatly appreciate if someone can provide the model number of a 3 terrabyte drive that they are 100% certain works with the WD TV Live SMP (as in, they own it and it works).

“Western Digital Elements Desktop External 3TB HDD - USB 2.0”

I have two WDTV SMP attached via HDMI to two seperate LCD TV’s. Each has a WD 3TB Elements attached to the rear USB port.  I synchronise the 3TB drives using “Second Copy” on a WINXP laptop.  All ethernet connections are hard wired.

The configuration works VERY WELL…

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Thanks, Folkboat. Ordered one of those. We’ll see how it works.