Compare files on WD MyCloud with drive on HD?


The transfer of my whole photo archive was finally ready this morning after approx two days. However there was a notification window saying WD MyCloud.exe had stopped working. This happened during the night and I would like to check how many files that have been transfered. I can’t right-click any WD volyme to show properties so there must be another way that I don’t know of. Any tips? I just want to see that everything is trasfered… 


I maybe solved it myself. I’ve been wanting to use the WD apps all the time but it seems I should use network in Windows Explorer…now I can read properties for my folders…

on the LAN you are generally better off not using the WD apps, remote this changes

the only time you are better off using the apps on the LAN is if you are moving a large amount of data from one location to another within the mycloud as it keeps the transfers in the mycloud instead of 2 trips over the network