Compact Flash and MyPassport Wireless

I know MPW supports natively only SD cards. Which is a pity because this solution could be ideal for all photographers and the large, pro & semi-pro, DSLRs use Compact Flash as the main storage (SD’s are only backup). 

While waiting (hopefully) for WD to create a CF version of MPW, did somebody find a way to use it with CF cards. 

I doubt card reader would work and I could not find a CF-to-SD adapter (to use the SD slot for CF cards)

thank you for your feedback



If you just need fast transfer / backup to a portable drive that reads both CF and SD cards I recomend but olso recomend to buy the external battery for it.

It’s very fast and reliable, havn’t lost a single file during the years. You have to check the drive regulary as it’s where faults will happen soner or later. So far I been lucky thou.