Community consensus on backup software?

New to the WD famly (and impressed, so far). For many months I ran backups to DVDs :wink: on my Windows 7 laptop using Windows Backup. Now that I have My Passport… it’s time to choose a new path.

I have NOT (yet?) installed -any- WDC software (under, “the devil you know is better than the one you don’t,” philosophy)

(I also have l-o-n-g history managing backups on other platforms… doing full backups every quarter or so, incrementals weekly)

What’s the community consensus on backup/recovery software for a stand-alone 300GB Windows laptop… TrueImage or Windows Backup or something else? What’s the recovery path if the C: drive fails?


Good post. Let’s see what the users can share with the community.

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I intentionally did not post this under “WD Software” … because I do not assume that WD-supplied Software is “the solution.”

Well, I have unable to get the current versions of Backup to recognize my hard drive or any subfolders other than the Libraries. The problem has been reported by numerous people here but still no apparent solution. WD support has so far been unable to resolve the problem. I had used WD’s software for several years successfully (and it has saved my bacon a few times), but new version lacks the functionality of previous versions (which will not work with newer drives). I am now a dissatisfied WD customer.

So… there’s no Community consensus on WD Backup vs. Acronis vs. Windows Backup vs. Zipbackup (an oldie-but-goodie)?

Wow… a year later, and still no consensus (and minimal discussion)?