Communication problem with my external hdd

Firmware version is 1.04.12, my HDD is 3.5" Seagate 2TB in box with self power supply. Connection with my WD is very difficult. I have to restart several times the box and the HDD, and even then when be recognized, have problem with playing. Stoped without reason. On my laptop ext.HDD working well.

Please give me some idea…


Some HDDs need to much power on spin-up or even during regular operation. All of my WD Passports work so far.

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Did you mean, with some other box for hdd I will solve the problem? This one is Hantol, chеаp chinese box with external 1.5A power supply.

In the same store have original WD box for HDD but is very expensive.  If you think that the problem will be resolved, I’ll go and buy other box.

I forgot to tell, with other external harddisks without self power supply, on my WD work well, without any problem. This box have self power supply, and work very bed.  I tried on both USB ports, and … same song.

macvlae, I have same configuration as you do. Did you fix it?

Problem still exist, but I found the solution. Harddisk case must be with better bandwith, much more expensive. Boxes from 10 $ are trash, we must pay 50$ for case for solving the problem. unexpected expense. This WD player become a very expensive toy.

Please look this blu ray player with wi-fi, media player supported all formats and have internet broswer for ONLY 100$, the same price with WD streaming media player. I think is better…

I’m using Vantec NexStar SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hard Drive Dock (NST-380S3-BK) with power supply, it’s about $40, but still have communication issues.

Switching to My Book External drives from WD. They better **bleep**ing work.

My hdd is 2tb, but this case supported only 750gb.

Detailed Product Description
3.External 3.5USB2.0 drive with LED
4.1.5A power adapter Chipset Cypress Case made of aluminium External power supply
5. Power switch on the back USB2.0 to SATA interface.Transfer rate available for 480Mb/s.
6.Support Plug-Play and Hot-play.Suitable for 3.5 SATA HDD.
7.3.5 External Box for audio and video data.
8.Easy installation: no drivers needed (except Win 98) Extra slim Aluminium case
9.upports: Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000XP/MAC OS 8.6 and later
10.Includes:Usb Cable, Power supply,screwdriver,Disk drivers

Well your case looks like a “user error”, but mine should have worked just fine.

Guess what? Have same issue with Western Digital My Book Essential 2 TB USB 3.0. Returning the player.

@yuri_pragin - Before you return it.  Did you try the front USB port.  I returned two WDTV LS’s before I realized the back port didn’t support USB 3.0, but the front port did.

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Wow, will check tonight!

Well, I’m puzzled and confused, but you are absolutely correct! Amazing, two ports have absolutely different behaviour! So front port it is.

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