Coming out of standby mode

I have two 3TB drives connected to my SMP, a Toshiba Canvio 3TB External Drive USB 3.0 in the rear port and a Seagate Backup plus 3TB External USB 3.0 in the front port, All work fine when I connected them and ran the compile and I could access both drives and all was right in the world! Then then morning I turned on my SMP and only the Seagate (Front port) drive was showing up. I did notice that the Toshiba drive didn’t have a light on and I can only assume that when the SMP is turned off it goes to sleep and at some point it turns off (or in a deep sleep) The Seagate light is always on (front port) and I assume is in standby mode. The only way to get the Toshiba drive back is to select the “eject the drive” but it ejects both drives and power the SMP down then turn it back on and let it compile (AGAIN) then I see both.

My question is, how do I get the Toshiba drive to go into standby and NOT power down?

Have the same problem with an external HD connected to the back port, and all I can say is that it’s not the drive’s fault but the WDTV.

It does not safely unmount the drive upon going into standby and doesn’t properly remount it when waking up.

schwurbel wrote:


It does not safely unmount the drive upon going into standby and doesn’t properly remount it when waking up.

This has been answered numerous times already.

It’s not supposed to unmount it when going into standby.

DBROWN:  There are a number of folks that have USB 3.0 issues associated with the rear port.

OK, this must be something new then. I have swapped ports with both drives and the Toshiba seems to have the issue, very strange. Hook them both up, power up the SMP and it compiles just fine then shows both drives in the video screen, power the SMP down(standby) and wait a few minutes and power it back up, comes back up (BUT, the Toshiba drive not there, just the Seagate with my movies, the Toshiba drive with all my TV shows, pictures and music not there, but I go the picture tab and it’s there, same with the music tab.

NOW the strange part, I go to the File tab and only the Toshiba drive is showing up. and I can play anything I want on that drive.

I guess I can switch back and forth from Video to Files and do this but I don’t think this is the way it’s suppose to work.