Come proteggere contenuto mycloud ex2

Buongiorno, vorrei fare una domanda credo non consueta. In caso di partenza lascerei il mio NAS mycloud EX2 a casa. In caso di furto i dati (foto) contenuti andrebbero in mano non proprio amiche. Come poter bloccare l’accesso ai dischi per renderli inutilizzabili senza conoscere password o altro sistema? grazie delle risposte. Pietro

Note: There is a specific subforum for the EX2 My Cloud. This subforum generally deals with the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

My Cloud EX2

Ultimately, if a NAS doesn’t encrypt the entire hard drive, there is no 100% effective way to prevent a My Cloud’s data from being accessed (other than encrypting all of the files/folders with a separate program) if one has physical access to the My Cloud unit and it’s internal hard drive(s). In some cases one can simply remove the My cloud hard drive, attach it to a computer and extract the data on the drive at the root level.

Check the user manual for your My Cloud EX2 device ( to see what options one has for password protecting and or encrypting files and Shares.

Other options, if one is really paranoid about theft, is to put the My Cloud unit into a safe or storage box designed for holding computing devices. Such safes or storage boxes will have power, ethernet network and other ports available so one can safely store their NAS inside the safe/storage box.

For example Liberty Safe sells a kit for certain Liberty Safe’s that will accept power and Ethernet so one can put a NAS or similar device inside the safe. Check around in your country to see if any safe manufacturers offer similar options (power and ethernet inside the safe). One word of note however is cooling a computing device that sits inside an airtight safe may be an issue.

Thank you very much. I will check

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