Combo Passport Ultra and data port hub like thunderbold dock

With the advent of many PCs going to SSD the need for additional storage has never been greater. In addition, with a reduction in size many laptop PCs lack the necessary ports to connect, a USB mouse, external keyboard, thumb drive, USB hotspot charger, etc. I think this is an ideal time consider taking the small platform of the ultra (4TB) and recasing it with a series of ports stacked on top that allow a single carry item that becomes the key to expansion and extended data security.

Thunderbold has already seen the need for the docking station with a single connection to the PC but adding data storage for a minimum of extra space would make this a must-have item. Double the thickness of the ultra and 4 USB 3.0 ports, a micro SD reader, HDMI port and you have cornered an untapped market share. Even WD has a large frame (3.5) drive with 2 additional USB ports on the package. This is hardly portable so thinking about the portability market requires a smaller frame and more usefulness than 2 additional port. Think about a single connection to your laptop that can connect everything else you need. I’d love to hear if I’m alone in thinking this would be a great product.


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