Combining multiple MyCloud (1 EX, 1 PR) NAS + other drives on a Server that uses Filezilla

Hello. I am seriously not a technical person, but have been trying to figure this out for months. I have multiple drives, including a MyCloud EX4100 and a PR4100, Overall, i’ve got more than 50tb of video footage and files. I use video editors around the US and need to give them access to the files so they can search and download themselves when a project is needed.

I don’t want them to have to log into various places to do this - they’d have no idea which files are on which drives. MyCloud online is not the greatest for this either - they need to be able to navigate, search and download quickly and easily.

I set up a Windows 10 Pro Computer to act as a server. I’ve got a ddns address that forwards to the server, connecting with Filezilla server. The WD MyCloud drives (and the other various drives) are all connected to the server. They appear for me on the server. I can even give group/user access to them within Filezilla. But they do not show up on the client side in Filezilla.

I’m soooo close! Yet so far away. The other drives show up and work well.


Why don’t you use the DNS and FTP server of the PR4100?

Via SSH you can mount the EX4100 onto mount point inside a share of the PR4100, so your clients can access all data via a single FTP share.

For filezilla server support, you may have to look in the filezilla forums.

I assumed I couldn’t easily attach the EX and the various other drives I have to one…and don’t love the MyCloud UI for searching and large downloads. I need something that acts more like an FTP. But is there something I’m missing? Is there a way to accomplish that with just the PR?