Combined Video Library using a single theme?

Hi, I have 2TB WD External Drive attached to my 1GB hub. Ive been wanting to ask this for awhile but never got around to it…

  1.  Is it possible to combine all my video files into a single video library using a custom theme? I have all my movies on the 2 TB External and all my “TV” video files on the HUB.  I’m using a custom theme right now and my movies (which are on the 2 TB external) are accessed via the “VIDEO” selection using the custom theme.  But right now the only way I can access my TV video files (which are on the 1 TB HUB)  is actually going to “FILES”  and of course it doesn’t use the custom theme like it does when going to VIDEOS.  

What I’m try to achieve is going to “VIDEO” and all the video files are accessed there using my custom theme.

  1. Also, i was thinking of getting a 3 or 4 TB external.  Does the hub support external drives of that size?


No, Theme are only “facelifts” for the UI, they do not change the function.

The problem isn’t theme related anyway, it is most likely in the way you are accessing your media.

  1. You need to turn the media library on.

Setup > System > Media Library > Media Library “ON”

  1. You need to set your content source to “My Media Library”

Select Videos, Press the Red button on your remote, Select “My Media Library”

  1. If your content is on a Network Share, you need to add that share to your Media Library.

Setup > System > Media Library > Media Library Manager for Network Share > Add network share to media library

  1. If you don’t see all your media, clear your media library.

Setup > System > Media Library > Clear Media Library