Colour Problems

I have just installed the latest version of the firmware after a long period. I installed it via the internet. The WDTV did this in about 4 stages, installing a new version each time (via prompt).

I now have a green screen all the time.It is not totally green just more green than anything else.

The WDTV icon sometims appears OK indicating this is not a hardware issue and that the WDTV is capable of syncing with the TV.

I am connected via HDMI.

I have done a factory reset. Nothing works. It was fine before the upgrade.

Any thoughts?

I have a similar problem, no always but often, this is my result:

On a Samsung 46B6000 Led of the last year.

I have solved put back 8bit instead of 12bit in Video Settings.


At least my screen is watchable. You would need to be on LSD to appreciate yours.

I had already changed back to 8bit.

Haven’t tried the paper clip resest yet.

Mine is a Dope-WdTv