Color of selected items

is there a way of changing the color. i hate the green. and sometimes i cant tell which is selected at all due to the fonts i believe. so can someone please help me out. i handicapped and the problem is my eyes i cant see all the colors. i wich they have an option to change colors.

Download the ‘Legacy’  Theme for your SMP (search this theme forum and you will find it)

To change text font colors … edit references to this  eg.  textcolor=“0xffffff”  (this is Html Hex for “White” )

Here’s a color chart … with most Html Color Values

To change png graphics color … you must use a graphics editor eg, GIMP / Photoshop… to change the Hue / Saturation etc…

Once all edited, rezip and upload the theme to your SMP and apply it.

all i needed to do right now was to get rid of the green color! i like it to be more reddish color or orange something that really stands out for me. thanks at least i have a better cjance of this. i just wish they could make a menu option for some of this.