Color Issue with WD Live

I am using the HDMI output from the unit connected to an Onkyo 709 receiver.  If I turn the WD unit on after the receiver I sometimes get a green color video output as if the other colors are not turned on.  This also happens if the WD unit is reset during a program.  The only way to fix the problem is to either power down the WD or to unplug the HDMI cable and replug it in.

I have the latest firmware in the WD unit and in the receiver.  I have tried three different HDMI cables.  No other unit plugged into the receiver gives this problem.

How do I fix this issue.



Try just momentarily changing inputs on the Onkyo and then switch back to force an HDMI re-sync.

I had this happen with it connected my Onkyo 607 as well. The Onkyo is connected to an older 34" HDTV that can only do 480i and 1080i. When booting cold I’d end up with a green colored screen. Dropping it to standby and then back would correct it.

What fixed it was in the display settings, instead of using “Auto”, I forced it to display in 1080i. This stopped the green visuals.

The only thing mine still does is if the WDTV is cold booting, I get a scrambled WD logo as it boots up. My guess is, it initially sets itself to 720p, which my TV cannot do at all(thus the scrambled screen), until it fully boots, then the screen corrects itself, since it is being forced to 1080i.

Interesting.  Where was the display settings (in TV, Onkyo or WD)



On the WD Live.

I played some more with this issue last night.

I set the display settings in the WD to 1080i (not auto).  I went through all the settings on the Onkyo and set everything that resembled this.

No change.  If the WD comes on first, then I get a green screen.

Cycling the inputs on the Onkyo does NOT fix the problem.  The only fix I know is to power cycle the WD box or to unplug the HDMI cable and replug it in.


Yes on the WD Live (latest with streaming)

Yea, just coming back to post that my fix does work for the most part within the UI itself but when going to or coming back other apps like Netflix, I am still experiencing the green tint issue.

The only ways I have found to correct it is to put the WD SMP into standby and bring it back out or to power cycle my receiver. Of course the latter is the only way to correct it if I am in an app like Netflix as dropping the WD SMP into standby pulls you back to the home screen.

WD needs to look at this issue. I’m wondering if it’s specific to Onkyo only.

Yes, I have lived with it for a while, but it was my recent purchase of Netflix that has brought this problem to a head.  Telling the kids how to fix it has been a major problem.

Chuck_IV wrote:


WD needs to look at this issue. I’m wondering if it’s specific to Onkyo only.

There’s an easy test for that… skip the Onkyo and plug directly into the TV and see if it works then.