Color coded drive roles

I understand that the promotional material says that the color coded drives are manufactured/tuned for specific roles “surveillance”, “NAS”, “everyday”, etc… In fact the hype is to not use “everyday” drives in a “surveillance” machine due to the prolonged run times, heat, etc…

However, does anyone have any cons for using 4 purple drive in a NAS enclosure to perform the “surveillance” role AS WELL AS the routine “NAS” role? Price wise it’s essentially the same so I’m only wondering about technically speaking.


Drives specified for NAS use have the ability to handle continuous operation whereas most desktop drives are not rated for continuous operation.  In addition the NAS-specifed drives have additional vibration dampers to filter out the mechanical vibrations that can occur with drives in close proximity to each other. You can put desktop drives in a NAS hand they will operate fine - but I would ensure that the NAS spent a reasonable amount of time idle.

The Purple drives have many similar attributes to Red (24x7, always on, and ability to be ‘stacked’ in a NAS), however they are also optimised to spend most of their time writing, whereas Red is not. So if you have a home/small business NAS, Red is where you should be, but a NAS focused on a survellience application, Purple is it.