College Student in need of Help

I got the Passport as a Christmas gift. I asked for a portable hard drive because I am a Graphic Design Student and I am sick of having 4 Flash Drives. I have many large Adobe files that I have to constantly work on. And going from Flash to Flash searching is a pain.

I installed the software on my boyfriends computer and then transferred my files from his computer to mine. Then I did the same for all of my Flash Drives. So today I was on my own personal computer. I had to reinstall the software, and then could not acess any of the files that I had put onto the Passport?

At school, we cannot install programs onto the lab computers. I have tried just going directly to the device, and I am seeing other files, that I have not put on there. I did read about disabling the startup program files. But I need to know if I can use this like really big Flash drive.

Please help me. I go back to school next week, and I really need this to be working correctly for me. And I really do not want to tell my boyfriend that he got me something I can never use.

Thank you in advance.

HI  ,

                  Yes you can use this drive as big flash drive without having trouble of using wd s/w


               1st thing -->> make sure there is no data on the passport  drive and then format the drive from My Computer .

               secondly uninstall all wd s/w from ur computer .

           and then start doing copy paste after that …try it out should work