I had forgotten to reset the time on my SMP for DST.  I reset DST, and the next time I powered up, I was missing 30% of my movies from the media manager.  Finally had to delete the .wd_tv file and rebuild, then it was OK.

After thinkiing about it, this happened the last time I manually reset DST.

No one else has ever mentioned this that I’ve seen, so I guess it’s just me.  Just FYI.

Hi Rider, I haven’t seen any other users posting this error. What firmware version do you have? 

Old verson, 1.16.13.  It’s working fine as-is, there was nothing in any of the new releases that I was interested in, and saw too many people discover new issues, so I didn’t upgrade.  That’s why I posted it as an FYI.

If no one else has tripped over this by now, I’d say it’s a non-issue.  I’ll just keep an eye out for it next time I switch