Coffee table laptop/My Cloud

On my PC Smartware works fine, automatically backing up, with an cable between the PC/router and router/My Cloud.  A laptop connected similarly also does the same connected with cables in my office.  When I pull the cable between the laptop/router the target drive disappears from the Smartwire display and as such doesn’t want to auto update files.  My Cloud on the laptop can see the all the My Cloud folders (as can Windows Explorer) over my wifi connection.

Question:   Should the coffee table laptop, away from the router, be viewable in Smartware or does that happen only when cable connected to the router?

except for possible performance issues it shouldn’t matter

from a command prompt run ipconfig/all both with the cable connected and with it not and post the results.

I don’t see anything odd in your ipconfig results so my guess is it is getting confused when changing and I would like you to try a few things

Do you have a static IP? If not set one and be sure it is out of the routers DHCP pool, this is not the issue here but can avoid other problems.

when you switch wired/wireless and have the issue open a command prompt and enter ping IPAddress

if it ping is successfull open file explorer and enter \IPAddress in the address bar. what do you get?

in a command prompt enter ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew

let us know the results.

I see you had a similar post that you marked solved. Is this the same issue? What happened since?

I have run all the points in your post, but still find myself in the same position.  For whatever reason my laptops are not wirelessley connecting to My Cloud. 

If I cable connect the 1st laptop it sees My Cloud as does the 2nd laptop which is now still only wirelessley connected!!!  If I disconnect the 1st laptop the 2nd laptop drops it wireless connection!!!

Driving me round the bend.  I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with My Cloud,  more my lack of knowledge to allow router/My Cloud to see each other :frowning:

Ah the 2nd laptop has now dropped it’s wireless connection with only a wired connection to the 1st laptop which is understandable!  Phew.  So wireless connection is not being made to either laptop.  I’m feeling there must be either a router or My Cloud setting that I’m not setting correctly.

it is starting to make some sense.

there is an option in windows to share an internet connection and it sounds like this is ative on the cable connected notebook listed in your post

do you have a wifi router? Or are you using this laptop to provide all wifi access? if you have a wifi router turn off the 1st computer and do the ipconfig/release & ipconfig/renew on the 2nd computer and it will probably see the mycloud.

I don’t recall the details of turning off the shared connection but can probably find it if you tell me the version of windows

Technicolor TG582n router (plus Netgear extender + Sitecom extender)

PC Windows 7 32 bit

Asus laptop Windows 7 64 bit

Asus Transformer 100 Windows 8 32 bit

Strong signal house-wide

Everything sees everything, no problems - except recognition of My Cloud wirelessly.