Codec problems....what do YOU use

Only when I play HD video do I have this problem and I have no idea y or what to do about it. I’d have to say that 2 out of 3 HD videos have this problem when playing back on my WD live hub. the pic I added is the best example of what happens without take a picture of my TV. all the videos are local on the internal storage. I’m not great with video and terms but I believe this is video glitch artifacting? Correct me if I’m wrong please :slight_smile: and thanks in advance 1525413-capture_super.png

We have to wait to see the picture as it has to be approved by the mod.

Post Mediainfo on the problem files. (free)

You may find that your post is moved to the hub forum as this board is for the Live and Live plus only.

whoops…sorry bout that…i didn’t realize i was in the wrong forum but thank you and yes hopefully a mod can move in the correct location