Code 22

I have have had my 1T & 2T external USB HD connected to my Vista Home Prem. SP2 system 24/7. Just as they started to get half full, I start to get notices to format them, then they start disappearing from the available drives, but are still on the device manager. I tried to reformat but after a few months of use they again start having availability problems. Lately the 2T would drag the system on startup, but if I unplugged the USB until the system was up it would go, but started this Code 22 business, but after at least twelve hours of being up the drives would appear and be workable for a short while. (the power and data cables are not the problem). Yesterday I thought maybe connecting directly to the computer without going through USB extenders/splitters might make it work better. No worse after 24 hours they are still unavailable. (maybe putting the USB extenders back between the computer and the drives will allow me access to all my files, will try but really don’t want all those cables and things on my desk.) Have newer 2T that now does not even show in the device manager but it floats around with relatives and I have no idea what they do ( I do know they have less experience with computers(since 1980) though one thinks he knows more).

Can not find any WD Tech support on this or similar problems. It usually rears its head after an essential update from MS. Why MS and WD can not work together I do not understand.

I like WD’s drives, their trade up program, etc.

This help format does not seem too helpful.

By the way who ever decided to change the drive colors really lost me. I like the original black with the blue strobe, gave the newest 2T to my nephew because it did not match my other drives. Bring back the older color combination, please.