CNID DB error on 3TB MyBookLive

Just bought the 3TB MyBookLive.

Works fine from Windows 7, and from my iPad via the iOS app.

From MacOSX Lion 10.7.2 I get an error when trying to access the store:

“Something wrong with the volume’s CNID DB, using temporary CNID DB instead.Check server messages for details. Switching to read-only mode”

Seems the device cannot be written to from a Mac??

My firmware version is “MyBookLive 02.10.09-124 : Core F/W”

Any fix for this or do I have to return the unit? :frowning:


thats actually due to a bug with Lion. I thought WD put out a fix to get around it… I don’t have mine handy, but make sure you are running the latest firmware.

The above version is the latest firmware.

Turns out you need to do a factory reset after upgrading the firmware.  Bye bye files, but at least it seems to work now.


Since all I had was backups and a few added users and shares, doing a restore now seemed like a lot easier than having to do it later.  I did the restore and my MacBook Pro seems to be working fine with the drive now.  Thanks!