I recently purchased a RED WD140EFGX for use in a Synology NAS (14TB internal SATA).

I just found out that there is a big difference between CMR and SMR drives. I am having trouble finding out if I bought a CMR drive or not. It would make me nervous to be using an SMR drive in a mission-critical NAS.

Anyone know whether this drive is CMR or SMR?

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Hi @hspindel,

Drive is CMR

Please refer the below link to check the drive specification sheet:

Thank you for the informative link.

What is the difference between WD140EFGX and WD140EFFX?

Hi @hspindel,

There is no difference in the specification of drive. However, WD140EFGX and WD140EFFX are the distribution codes in country which are export to different countries in the World.