Cluster size when we partition WD Essential 2 TB external Hard Drive and transfer rate is poor

HI I got a new WD MY Book Essential 2TB hard drive and used Easeus Partition Master software to partition the drive with 4k Cluster size.I have a 500 GB of a Primary, 3- 500 GB (around) logical drives. I was trying to copy data around 78GB to one of the logical drives and I get a speed of 6.7MB/Sec. I am using USB 2.0 and felt it to be very slow…Can suggestion on how to make the transfer better?

Thanks for the help.

Test your drive transfer rate with a different computer, also if possible run DLG to your drive.

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on suggestion do everything when you GET OUT i.e. when you leave home, you do the data transfer, then you can’t feel how slow it is cluster size I think if you got big trunk of data, mine could be ghost image – few G [edited]-- 1 G each I would use big cluster size as it should be proportion to the data size however, if you got tiny MS office files here and there I suggest , you could back it up with backup software like zip it – new winzip got break into chunks not sure winzip could handle stuff more than 2 G now i.e. pack it up in new package ~~ only back up tiny files, (like this year all files , that you know the folder or the name of the file) piece by pieces hope that it help, cluster size is how big of a cluster can store, too small, you got too many chunk too big, if the file do not occupy 1 chunk, then it is waste of space, so it is a balancing act, I don’t have a definite size for you – cluster size ideal size

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Thanks for the reply…i might have to format my other logical drives with less cluster…since i formatted all of them to max cluster size…Thank you!