Cloud-users cannot connect to EX4100

The admin user can access my EX4100 (Firmware Version 5.18.117) over the internet allright.

At first only one user could not access the NAS as it said: “No NAS connected” (hope that’s the correct translation (in german it says: “Kein NAS verknüpft”) despite just following the link in the invitation email. - I could not even remove that cloud user again (got an 400 error code)…

Then I read I had to reset the system settings, which I did. Now no cloud user - which I all had to recreate after the reset of the system settings can access my EX4100 anymore… (except admin user) they all get the “No NAS connected” message…

How can I “reconnect” these accounts to my EX4100?

Hi @mher30,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: