Cloud question


I know the mbl automatically backs up files I add to “my pictures” folder on the PC.

Can I access these files remotely using WD2Go or do I have to copy them into the share folder on the MBL manually ?

Thanks !

Well, the MBL doesn’t automatcially back up anything FROM a PC.

Some backup software or other is doing the backup;  I presume you’re using SmartWare?

If you are, then no, you cannot access the contents of a SmartWare backup from anything except SmartWare, because it’s a propietary bundle of files that represent other files.

Any files you need “direct” access to will need to be copied separately.


  You can automate copying files to your external drive. At the risk of mentioning a product, I use FolderClone by Briny Software. You can set it up for automatic or manual backup. I have several key folders that I keep updated on the MyBook external drive for reference when I’m at meetings. I can access these files from my laptop if I have an Internet connection or from my Smartphone using WD2Go for Android. There may be free alternatives to FolderClone that do the same thing. Or you can manually update the files before you leave.