Cloud on MBL DUO-will it work as a cloud?


I do plan to get MBL Duo. I read forum but didn’t find anything how Cloud does work on MBL Duo. I found that Cloud works incorrectly on new WD product “My Cloud” (

Would it be the same issue with MBL Duo?

May be someone could share experience?

I know how does DropBox work I assume that MBL Duo will work the same way.

For example I create Excel file on my local PC and store it on MBL Duo. I took my PC to office and connect to cloud storage (on MBL Duo which resides at home). I open Excel file and make changes and saved. Next I open the same file from Galaxy S2 and can see last changes. I edit this file again on my Galasy S2 and save. After I open this file on my PC I see all changes.

Will it work the same way?

Because I read that this is a problem with “My Cloud”. Changes that are done with files in cloud aren’t saved (


If you save a file to the Duo, you’ll be able to see it on your PC< then your phone or whatever along with changes, but there’s a problem with Office that doesn’t let you work with Office files off the Duo remotely. You’ll need to copy the Excel file to your computer first, work with it, then copy the file back to the Duo. Phones don’t have that problem and you can work off them directly though, which is weird.