Cloud Not working for One PC

Hi all. I have recently bought a WD 2tb My Cloud Home. Its great. However we use it as a network share for 6 windows devices, three windows 10 and 3 windows 7. All have connected fine using the MyCloud Discovery app and have mapped the network share automatically, except one. One of our windows 10 pc’s will not connect to it. When I download and run the discovery app, unlike the other pc’s it doesn’t ask for a login and password. And it only says connect a USB device. Can anyone help?


are you sure you installed the correct version of WD discovery?

You will need to install the version linked on the page below

Hi thanks for the reply. Yes it’s the latest version. All the others running the latest aswell. If it helps I can ping the cloud. Which rules of a network issue. I think it may be firewall but I have tried disabling it and it still doesn’t work.