Cloud not visible on iMac

I have an Apple iMac and a MacBook Pro. Both of the Macs are formatted with a small partition for Windows7. I can see and “operate” the Cloud storage on both Mac systems, but NOT with the Windows7 partition on either computer.

The ONLY reason I have the Windows7 partitions is for Quicken, a financial program, which is windows based. When I make changes to the Quicken register (checkbook), I want to save the data backup file on the Cloud Storage unit and then use that saved file to update the other computer.

But the Windows program on BOTH computers doers NOT see the Cloud Storage unit!

Of note, I can sign into and see the Cloud Storage unit and full navigation capabilities - but I can’t using windows explorer or the save function on Quicken.

What do I need to do for this to work properly? In advance, thanks!!

Find out what the IP for mycloud is.
Then using windows explorer type:

Or if you did not change the name: