Cloud not install app to EX2100, installation always be failed without reason

I’m developing with EX2100 and DL2100. I create a same app as official demo and run normally in my unbuntu 14.04
http ://

but when I install it to DL2100, it always show “Failed to install app” without any failure reason.
I logged in through SSH, checked several places, like “/var/log”, still cloud not find any log file about that issue.
Is there any solution to find the error reason.

EX2100 is Marvell ARMADA 385, therefore ARMv7 but DL2100 is Intel Atom C2350, therefore x86.
No clue what App you developed but maybe you need to check the install base chipset support.

If you want to get in touch with our Docker Specialists, simply send an Email to them,
I am sure they will assist. If your App is nice to have for others, we would be glad to receive it for approval and upload.

Resolved. Something incorrect in app.json.

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