Cloud file access from android apps

How do I access WD cloud files from other android apps? For example, file managers. If I use WD2GO to open a cloud file it then becomes visible to other apps. Otherwise they do not see it. I cannot even use a file manager to copy file to other directories on my tablet without opening those files with WD2GO first. And, unfortunately, WD2GO will not copy files to other directories on the tablet.

Hi SebeckStan, have you tried using the new My Cloud app?

I have another way of accessing - enabled FTP on MyCloud, configured my router to forward the port 21, and with the help of dyndns, I mapped my exteral IP to a domain name.

FTP will now be enabled and you should be able to access the drives from internet. 

Now in Android phone, using an app like X-Plore (Or any FTP client) I can access the site and I am able to read and write files to it. 

THe WD app for Android needs alot of work to be in good shape, in my opinion.