CLOUD EX2 8Tb and 12TB

Hi Ladies and Gents

Can I sync the 2 EX2 Nas devices to form one unit? If so how do we do this.

Thanking you guys in advance.


I am a little confused about your question.

Can you explain a little but more about what you are asking?

Hi There

My Client wants to know if he has 2 of these units can it be used together as one unit, synced.

Never done it myself hence my question to the community.


No, this is not possible, as far as I’m aware. The 2 WD units can only used to do remote backups between them, but not be slaved together to operate as one unit. There are other brands of NAS that allow this though. You have to purchase an ‘extension unit’ which will allow you to expand your data storage as necessary.